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simple summer makeup tips

Simple Summer Makeup Tips (Don’t Let Your Face Melt Off)

(Affiliate links added….because who has time to search for things???? Lol) There is nothing like having actually taking some time to get a lil glammed up……….only to have it be 90* of pure heat outside and all your makeup starts sliding off in 2.5 seconds. All that time wasted!! If…

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fill in eyebrows naturally

How do I fill in eyebrows naturally? (and which product should I use?)

(Yo ho, Yo Ho, Affiliate Links Below) If you are looking for a tutorial on how to make your brows look like a Bratz doll……this post isn’t for you. There are already so many Instagram and You Tube posts out there that show you how to create that 3D brow. Everyone…

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Skin care for Busy women

Skin Care for Busy Women (and Men)

(Hi! Ho! Hi! Ho! Amazon Affiliate links below) Sometimes I miss the days where I would have a full hour to do my makeup before I went to work. I miss the luxury of having extra time and I miss not having all the responsibilities I do today. Heck, I’m…

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How to Look Good When You Are Sick (or tired, or have allergies, etc)

(Yo,ho,ho! Amazon Affiliate links below!) Working when you are sick, sucks. Looking like you are sick when you still gotta work is even worse! Don’t worry, I got you covered. We are going to go over all my favorite tips and tricks on how to look good when you are…

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Should I wash my makeup brushes? (and how to do it right!)

(Yo, Ho, Ho! Amazon Affiliate links below) It sounds like common sense right???  One of the things I used to get asked all the time when I worked at a makeup counter or even now with private clients is “Should I wash my makeup brushes?” This question is WAY more…

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What does concealer do?

What does concealer do? (And how to use is correctly.)

What Does Concealer Do? So what is concealer? Generally it is a highly pigmented product made in various skin tones and meant to be used used in small doses. What does concealer do? Concealer is meant to be used sparingly to hide discoloration, blemishes and dark under eye circles. Sounds easy…

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the foundation of foundation

The Foundation of Foundation or “Am I wearing too much makeup?”

Now that we’ve cut through the BS of filters and editing in the last post let’s get into the meat and potatoes of makeup. Foundation. The base product that evens out your complexion and creates the perfect canvas for you to add your splashes of color. While everyone tries to…

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Makeup Photo Editing and Filters (and how to see through it)

Ok………admit it. Don’t lie. You’ve thought about it. Every woman has thought about it. Shoot, I do makeup for a living and I still think it. “Why doesn’t my makeup look as good as that other girl on instagram/pinterest/tv???” Ugh, isn’t it annoying. You spend all this time doing your…

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Beauty Basics In Makeup

Beauty Basics in Makeup or Trying to Get Back to Beauty When You’re Busy

Ahhhhhhh, the beauty industry. The one thing constantly changing and in the modern day of technology it’s so easy to have the latest trends at your fingertips. With Instagram, YouTube , Snapchat, Facebook etc. you have the latest tips and techniques applied by a super popular pretty face in just…

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